Polyurethane foam for technical insulation


JSC Termosnaige & Co implements the technical insulation of different constructions such as pipelines, tankages, ships hulls using polyurethane foam. Technical insulation services may be provided in our manufacturing base or customer’s building lot applying the most appropriate type of insulation. Insulation of the pipelines and tankages of different sizes and diameters is implemented in two stages: first, we arrange the surface of the object; second, we spray the rigid polyurethane foam. Another option for the technical insulation is the creation of top cover of the construction that forms the air gap between the surface of construction and the cover; later the formed air gap is filled with fluid foam polyurethane. This technique may be applied to the constructions of different sizes (including extremely large ones); the cover may be made of tin or other material considering the technical properties and functions of the construction. The thermal insulation of the ship hull is implemented by covering the surface or filling in the existing air gaps with the polyurethane foam.

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