Polyurethane foam for thermal insulation


Thermal insulation using polyurethane foam is convenient for the construction of new buildings and renovation of the old ones. Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam is produced by spraying the foam directly on the surface of different constructions or by filling in the existing air gaps. The polyurethane foam is suitable for insulating substructure, facade, floor, roof and wall. Thermal insulation using polyurethane foam can be easily applied in insulating atypical constructions of different forms and sizes (asymetrical, arched, leaning, etc.) and masonry buildings – the air gaps in the masonry constructions are difficult to access for other insulation techniques but can be easily managed using the polyurethane foam. The semi-open cell type polyurethane enables air permeability, and is usually applied for the thermal insulation of walls and facades. We also provide the insulation using closed-cell polyurethane foam, as in some cases it is the only solution enabling to maintain the required conditions (temperature, humidity) in specific buildings such as vegetable warehouses, cold rooms, etc.

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